Our 100% Commitment to Giving Back

Energy Suppliers, Inc. offers you The Charity Promise. As our customer, you profit from a competitively priced energy supply, while our community profits from a percentage of our profits. The Charity Promise supports a variety of high-quality, Christian-based outlets that help the poor and vulnerable with their home energy needs. Energy Suppliers, Inc. partners with charitable organizations committed to adopting best practices, as well as cost-effective systems and procedures to achieve the best return on human and financial resources. Simply put, we work with organizations that practice what they preach with a sense of compassion and urgency.

Since our opening, we've devoted ourselves to not only delivering real cost control, but also giving back through exclusive programs like The Charity Promise. We strive to treat others like we wish to be treated, embracing a faith-based, Christian ethic.

Just as we're always seeking to improve our energy offerings, our efficiency and client satisfaction, we're also constantly looking for ways to help those who truly need it most. For us, it's not just about being better—it's about doing better.